Timer node that is triggerable

I would like to have timer that is triggerable. I have workflow that manipulates data from my devices in time windows (ie every 5-minutes give me a summary of activity in that period). The current time trigger node works, but it would be more efficient if it only fired when the 1st data point is received from a device rather than firing continuously.


Hey Josh,

Are you looking for some functionality that the Virtual Button, Device State, or Device: Connect Trigger nodes don’t provide?

If I understand your use case here (please correct me if I am wrong), you’re looking for a Trigger Node that is triggered on receipt of only the first device state? I would love to know more about what your goal is and what you are trying to accomplish.

Thank you,

Hi @Heath
Not quite, I’m looking for a timer node that is triggerable, so the timer starts when a device reports state then x minutes later the workflow will run.
In my use case the timed workflow looks at a table of device data and provides an manipulated average of the last 5minutes data. I’m currently using the timer node but it is running continuously even when my devices are not reporting anything.
Hope this clarifies my question?



That definitely helped me understand what you’re looking for. Thank you.

Unfortunately, what you are looking for is not easily accomplished in Losant right now. I will, though, create a Feature Request for this. I’ll be sure to follow up directly with you with any updates as I get them!

Thank you,

You could create an " event " when your state data is recieved, then have a work flow loop thru all events and check the time/date of events. Then fire your other workflow after the elasped time has passed.