[Solved] Device Inactive Trigger


Greetings. I’ve assembled what I believe to be a simple workflow. A Particle trigger node which feeds a JSON Decode which then updates a Device State. That all works fine and displays in the configured dashboard.

I’ve also a Device Inactive trigger node which feeds a Record Event / Email / SMS node. The Record Event node is set to trigger at 15 minutes of no state report from the device (3 times the report interval of the Particle device).

As part of app testing, the Particle device battery was left to run to depletion. Updates from the Particle device did indeed stop (as seen in the dashboard).

The Device Inactive trigger did not fire.

I’m doing something wrong here?



Issue is resolved … misspelling in the Subject and Message fields of the Record Event node.


Glad you figured it out! Let us know if you have any other issues/questions.