Did something changed on the inactivity node?

Greetings. I had Inactivity nodes setup to trigger certain inactive conditions, today I found they weren’t working (they have been working for months now; I haven’t changed anything recently).

Diggin’ a bit into it I discovered that the ‘ID’ coming with the Inactivity msg is NOT ‘deviceResponse.Id’ anymore but ‘triggerId’. I changed it today to ‘triggerId’ and now is working but I’m quite certain this is something that ‘changed’ recently as I haven’t ‘touched’ the Inactivity nodes in quite some time (months!) - is this some new feature/code changed that you guys are aware?

My concern is, of course, if this is the case that something like this changes without one knowing, well, you can spend a whole evening trying to find out what’s wrong… :S Regards, :red_circle:

Hey @Jose_Cruz,

There haven’t been any changes to the Inactivity Trigger for quite a while.

deviceResponse.Id is not a payload path utilized by Losant anywhere in the platform.

My first thought is that you may have nodes after the trigger querying some data (maybe a Device: Get Node?) and then placing that information on the payload at deviceResponse.

Does your workflow have nodes between the trigger and where you were attempting to use the value at deviceResponse.Id?

Yes to ‘nodes after trigger’, Yes to ‘nodes between the trigger’ and ‘Yes’ to ‘attempting to use the value…’ - but that’s what is so weird about it, I haven’t made any changes to these in a while and they were all working with the deviceResponse.Id.

In any case, if this is NOT on your end, then it has to be - then - on my somehow. Again, I’m just quite sure I haven’t done any changes in this. In fact, I had to change additional nodes that were working just fine under these, again, to reflect even the ‘tags’ (before it was ‘deviceResponse.tags’, now is ‘deviceTags’…)… weird. Is all working now though. :red_circle:

What node was placing a value on the payload at deviceResponse? It’s beginning to sound like it was a Device: Get Node, based on it having both tags and id fields.

You may be right, but I just can’t remember. I may have done a Device: Get wayback and getting those ‘tags’, but then I changed to a ‘Table’ for x and y values (instead of the actual device tags), this is what I have now, and never realized this problem until today when a device went Offline and didn’t triggered the Inactivity response. That is certainly a possibility, I just can’t remember it :S But, as you say, if deviceResponse.Id is from a Device:Get and not a Losant payload then that is the only logical conclusion (not a trekkie here, but I have to yield to Mr. Spock’s logic on this one). The only other thing I would add, though, since we’re on it is maybe instead of ‘triggerId’ (as it sounds like a completely separate Id much like table Id’s) to call it ‘triggerDeviceId’ or something like it…but then, of course, that would solve ‘my’ problem and create a wholenothacanofworms for everyone else…so…no. :slight_smile:

Thanks, :red_circle: