Device Inactive Trigger - Peripheral Device


My application has a number of devices that do not connect directly to Losant hence I set them up as peripheral devices. They update state via a workflow that is triggered by an mqtt integration. Does the device inactive trigger work for this type of device, essentially I wish to build a timeout alarm to see if the mqtt has not fired (due to something external to losant) in a certain period of time and the device state has been inactive. Thanks for the help. Steve B.



Hello @Steve_Barker,

The Device: Inactive Trigger would be great for this! You have your MQTT workflow, but you can add the Device: Inactive Trigger to check if the state has been updated. You can set the amount of time over which to check, say 24 hours for example, and if the state has not been updated in 24 hours, that workflow will be triggered. Then within that workflow you can create your alarm and even create alerts and notify yourself. :grinning:

Hopefully this helps,



Thanks Julia. Appreciate the response, will add the functionality today. Cheers.