Text input control does not update when dashboard context is changed

I have a Text input control defined as shown below. When the dashboard page is first displayed it shows the correct value for the tag. If I change the dashboard context using the settings popup (shown below), the main features of the dashboard will change to the new context, such as readings, trends, etc…, but the Text control does not update. It will update if I refresh the web page after selecting the new context. This is a bit misleading because the rest of the dashboard updates to the new context data, but this control maintains the old context data. Is this expected operation?


Hi, I was able to reproduce your issue. I’ve submitting a bug ticket for this to get fixed for you! We will alert you when a fix is deployed to production.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

Hi @Edward_Cline,

After chatting with the engineering team, this isn’t a bug. It’s actually a feature. From the docs:

Controls with dynamic defaults cease to update with dashboard data refreshes. (Dynamic default indicators in the control labels will disappear to indicate this.) This holds true until the block is put back into “Locked Mode”. - Input Control Block Documentation

I’ve confirmed that the desired behavior occurs after locking the block. Overall, this is to protect users while they are making changes.

Thanks for the update…maybe I’m not clear on the intended use of the text input control. I am trying to allow my user to change the value of a device tag using a text input control. This value must show correct data when a new device is selected for dashboard context. From what you say above it will show correct data if the block is in ‘locked mode’. However, If I lock the block, then the text input is grayed out and not editable. To edit the text input value it appears the user would have to click the gear icon and select ‘unlock’, to be able to modify the value in the text input? Is this correct?

If this is the required process, how would the user know to click the gear icon?

An example of the ‘locked’ block is show below.