Dynamic selections in input block

Using a “dropdown menu” control in an Input control block.
Trying to get the option value show highlighted, or, selected based on the value of a context variable.
Should this not be possible?

It works fine in a “Text Input” control

Hey Lars,

Do you have a screenshot of what you’re attempting to do? What have you tried that isn’t working?

Any additional information you can provide will be very helpful.

Thank you,

I just tested this and it’s working for me. See attached.

@Lars_Andersson like @Heath said, we really need more information for requests such as these. Screenshots, configuration information, any evidence you can provide of it not working as expected (you can use my screenshot as an example of something we need). We’re happy to look into it if you can provide this.

Sorry, going back and reading this again, I think I have a better understanding of what you’re trying to do.

Given the value of a context variable - not a value retrieved from a data query - you want to set that as the default value within your select component. See attached.

No, that is not possible now, but I’ll put in a feature request to support this.

The context variable is not tied to an attribute.

When using the Text input control I configured it like this:

But when using a drop down control I’m not able to enter a ctx variable in the default Value field in either the Static or Dynamic Value mode.