Hybrid Static/Dynamic value on an Input Control Box

Greetings. Not sure if this is possible, or at least I couldn’t find similar… would like to keep the ‘static’ values on an Input Control Box, but for the experience user/dashboard view to ‘default’ on the last ‘programmed’ or known value:

Meaning, you still get to choose from the ‘static’ options, but don’t need to set a ‘default value’ because it will show whatever you input/saved last time. Let me know if this makes sense and/or if there’s a way to do it. If not, would be a nice candidate feature. Thanks, :red_circle:


There currently isn’t an easy way to do this right now (i.e. a “one-click” option), but there is a way you can make this happen with a device.

You could a single device with an attribute that you save when this input control block runs. This attribute can store the “last used” value, and you can use this value to set a default dynamic value instead of the static option.

Let me know if this is something that can work for you in your use case.

Thank you,

@Heath , thank you - definitely this would be a good easy feature to have in the future. But your
alternative in the meantime is actually quite good, so I will give it a try right away - much appreciated ! :red_circle: