Talk2M api using http block

trying to make an api call from a losant workflow, but my debug info doesn’t give me much.
Any suggestions on how to best test this?

api guide available here:

I’m able to get data back with Postman, but unsure of how to save and reuse the initial session id returned at authentication.

If you need to save and reuse a session id across multiple workflow runs, I’d suggest using the Get and Store value workflow nodes.

Any request that you can make with Postman, you should be able to replicate with the HTTP node. You can use a combination of Virtual Buttons and Debug nodes to do testing - the data that the HTTP node returns will include all the details of both the request and the response, so you can look at that to figure out issues.

Can you look at my workflow “Flexytest” and maybe give me a hint why I don’t get any thing back. I’m looking in the debug window.

I’m making a GET request to the URL in that workflow in my web browser, and I’m getting back:


I can’t actually click the virtual button in your workflow and fire it as I can’t log in to your sandbox account to do so; my best guess is your URL includes a question mark that needs to be escaped in the ‘t2mpassword’ query parameter.

You’re saying “I don’t get any thing back” in the debug window. Are you actually getting no output, as no debug message is coming through? Or is it just not what you expect to get returned. If you’re getting a debug message, can you paste its contents here? (Make sure to remove any sensitive info before doing so.)

I’m getting this debug output:

  "globals": {},
  "applicationName": "Flexy",
  "flowName": "Flexytest",
  "flowId": "5be0939c3176f800081fa854",
  "relayType": "user",
  "relayId": "594d3af7b3e10a0007172c4f",
  "flowVersion": "develop",
  "triggerType": "virtualButton",
  "triggerId": "5be0939c3176f800081fa854-DjxeUdo72OZLFebGybjod",
  "applicationId": "5be0936a3176f800081fa851",
  "data": {},
  "time": "2018-11-06T16:06:33.404Z"