Losant API Node trouble

I’m trying to get some data from a different application using an experience workflow.
I have created an API token in the other application, and filled it out in the Losant API node.
When trying to save that workflow, I get the following message:

Failed to save and deploy workflow!
nodes.[2].config.apiTokenTemplate: maximum string length of 255 exceeded (259).

Hey @Lars_Andersson,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We took a look on our side and found some interesting behavior. We are working on a fix right now.

An immediate workaround for you now is to create an API token with “All Permissions”. This should work and allow you to keep developing. Alternatively, you can use a Mutate Node to put your API token on the payload, and in the Losant API Node, you can use a template then pass in the API token.

I will follow up with you as soon as I have an update so that you can change back to your original API token with the proper permissions.

Thank you,


We have just fixed this issue.

Please let me know if you see this issue again or have any other questions or concerns.

Thank you,