Flow limit exceeded. limit to the number of worflows?

Hey all,

I am occasionally getting an error when trying to store workflows or custom nodes: “flow limit exceeded”. It seems to be a 400 HTTP error from https://api.losant.com/applications/<appid>/flows?_actions=false&_links=true&_embedded=true&includeCustomNodes=true with body

{"type":"Validation","message":"Flow limit exceeded"}

I deleted a few test workflows and now its gone. Does this mean there is a maximum number of workflows I can have? Is that and application limit? I can’t find anything about it in the docs.


Yes, all resources are subject to limits. Those limits are applied at the application owner level (your sandbox or the organization to which the application belongs).

More information, including how to view your current usage against resource limits, can be found here.

Thanks for the reply @Dylan_Schuster. I did see that page before but there is literally only a single mention of the word “workflow” in that page, which is about the “Webhook replies in workflows”. I really can’t find anything regarding a limit on the number of workflows in those docs. The error “Flow limit exceeded” isn’t mentioned in there either. So can you please confirm that the actual limit that is exceeded is a limit of the number of workflows that I can create, since neither the docs mention the existence of that limit, nor is the error message very clear that that is what it is? And if that is what it is, it might be better described with “limit to the number of workflows exceeded”. And maybe it would be a good idea to mention both the limit, and the error when it’s exceeded in the docs?

I did see that page before but there is literally only a single mention of the word “workflow” in that page, which is about the “Webhook replies in workflows”.

The word “workflow” appears several times on that page but all of them are in reference to monthly payload usage, not the number of workflow resources created in the org.

If you check the “Resources” tab, which is also mentioned on that docs page I sent (https://docs.losant.com/organizations/resource-limits/#resources), you’ll find that …

On the right side, the All Resources list reveals your organization’s resource usage and limits.

At the very bottom of that list is “Workflows”, which shows the number of workflows that exist within your organization versus the limit applied to the org.

There is also a table showing the number of workflows per application within the organization.

This link should take you to that page in the Losant UI: https://app.losant.com/organizations/recent/usage/resources

In your case, it appears you are only an “Editor” in the organization in question, and we only expose that detailed usage information to administrators. You can either request an upgrade in permissions from one of the organization’s admins, or you can ask an admin for that detailed organization resource usage info.

You’re right, I don’t know what I searched for before, but there are indeed 12 mentions of the word workflow. But still none of them mention that there is a limit in the number of workflows. And the screenshot in the docs only shows a part of the resources, which doesn’t include the number of workflows. As a user that indeed doesn’t have admin access, and therefore can’t access the resources page, but is just confronted with a vague error, I want to figure out what is going first before I bother others with vague requests about a 400 http error that I am getting.
So I would still prefer documentation actually explaining what the error is and how to fix it, without requiring access to the admin page, so I can give clear instructions to the admin with what to change.

So it would indeed still be very helpful for users like me to have

  1. a clear list of the resources that can be limited, without just saying “they are listed on this page to which you don’t have access”
  2. a list of error messages that a user can encounter and what causes it, and how to address it.