Maximum per-second limit: Impact to entire workflow?

I am working on a workflow that will run on a schedule (say weekly) that will loop over our active sales users and assign them access to the appropriate devices based on a device tag matching in a customer data table. As I am debugging this, I am getting a “maximum per-second limit reached error” in the debug panel. In the details, I see the “additional message received, but cannot be displayed due to high volume”.

My question is whether this message only pertains to displaying messages in the debug panel or if it impacts the workflow’s ability to complete.

If it is impacting the entire workflow, I presume adding a delay within the loop should allow this workflow to complete.

Please advise.

This only applies to the display of the debug message. The underlying logic is still executed.

It’s common to see this message when using Debug Nodes in loops. A loop can execute extremely fast and potentially generate hundreds or thousands of debug messages in a very short period of time.

Thanks for the quick clarification on this @Brandon_Cannaday!