Take your Losant expertise to the next level. Join us for the Deeper Dive webinar series



Hello All,

We are starting a new series called “Take a Deeper Dive”. It is a webinar series that allows you to learn first hand from Losant Solution Engineers (they are the real deal, and very nice I might add :slight_smile:). You can expect to explore features within Losant, see real-world applications of the platform, and take your Losant expertise to the next level.

Here is where you should go to register:

Happy to answer any questions.


This is a good move and should help us get a better understanding of how we can use the platform better.

I and others that I know would love to see a good overview and some examples on the Experience pages and how we can set them up as a business who will have many customers who need their own customer log-in portal to see data about their particular products.

Will there be examples showing how to best take advantage of the Experience Pages and features it offers. With the current examples it has been hard to really wrap my head around how to best use what your offering as far as Experience pages are concerned and how we can customize those with the least amount of effort so our customers can enjoy using them.


Experience Pages is a great suggestion!

The Deeper Dive series has two primary categories of webinars. The first, led by our Solutions Team, covers specific types of solutions implemented with Losant (e.g. Smart Environment, Asset Tracking, etc). The webinars are short (30 minutes) so these provide a high-level overview and dig deeper into some more relevant areas specific to the solution.

The second, led by our Product Team, covers a specific product feature and aren’t tied to any use-case or solution. An overview of Experience Pages would be a perfect fit for one of these.


Pease so show us how to efficiently create a password protected customer portal that provides a customizable page where we can insert dashboards that show any info for that customers products.

Looking for a way to not do this via a Wordpress Site with a nice site template and a password protected client membership plug in where I would insert Losant dashboards into the client pages.

How does Losant Experience pages make this easier?