Suggestion for time series library in JS

Hi there,
I am getting familiar with the custom HTML widgets but one of the obstacles (being new to JS) is the lack of tools to manipulate time series data.
For example I need to slice the series to select day vs night, do some binning before putting the series into the Plotly JS data structure.
Any advice on libraries that can be used to post-process the query results?

For day vs. night specifically, I would use JavaScript’s native Date object and the methods it exposes. That would at least allow you to parse the dates to get the day of the month, the hour, etc. I don’t know if you need to know when sunrise and sunset happens to categorize each time as day vs. night, but if so that does complicate things.

It’s hard to recommend libraries not knowing exactly what you’re doing. But whatever you need, it’s probably available on NPM (Node Package Manager). I would start each of your searches there.

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Yes thanks for the suggestion, so far I found this library:
Which could be useful for aggregations and transformations.
I would report my findings here as I explore more.

If you’re just trying to transform data from one format to another, I would also look into

That is an interesting one indeed!