Ssl for experience



When requesting a ssl cert to use for a domain experience, do I enter the “” or the “” value?
I attempted using a PositiveSSL from Namecheap, but not having any luck activating it.


Hi @Lars_Andersson,

You’ll be configuring it for your domain ( ).

Here is where the info is on that:


ok, that’s what I did but, but when generating the CSR I wasn’t sure what platform to specify so I used



Thanks for the info. Just confirming that you were able to get this working?


No I have not. Do I need to specify platform when creating my CSR?


Hi Guys, the same question. I bought a Possitive SSL subscription from as it was adviced in losant docs. Which platform should I specify when getting CSR. The suggested list looks like that:




The correct web server is the Nginx option. I will add this to our documentation to make it more clear for other users. :grinning:



Hi Julia, thank you for the promt reply. I moved one step forward and there is an instruction to generate CSR from the server using openssl:–opensslmodsslnginx–heroku

Sorry for a dummy question, but Losant Domains and Slugs section just has fields for entering SSL key, SSL Certificate, SSL Bundle inside of a domain name form. I don’t see a service/button/section to generate this request. Should I contact Losant to get this code?


Hi @Alexander_Kondrov!

Generating the CSR will happen in your terminal on the command line, and the key will be saved to your local computer. The walkthrough on NameCheap has steps and terminal commands for generating the CSR and key. Once those are generated from the terminal commands, you can return to your Losant experience domain and insert the Key and Certificate values.

Hopefully this helps,