Auto provisioning SSL certs with new Experience domain slugs via Losant REST API?

we’ve checked the Losant Experience REST API doc’s for creating a new Experience domain slug via that mechanism, but there doesn’t appear to be any way to programmatically add the custom domain (FQDN) SSL cert’s Key or SSL Certificate values via the same API. What is the supported programmatic method for securely doing this?


Hey @Andrew_Leckie1,

Because custom slugs are custom prefixes to, there’s no need to provision an SSL cert for them since we do that for you.

Domains are anything you want them to be! With the Experience Domains POST, you can provide the SSL cert details through the API.

Let me know if this is what you were looking for or if I can help you further.

Thank you,

Thanks @Heath - I meant ‘Domains’, not ‘Slugs’ in hindsight, but you’ve answered my question thanks. One thing about POSTing SSL Key values though - any 3rd party IT Security service will ask how these are kept secure within the hoster’s platform - does Losant have any ‘stock info’ on how you do this?