Soracom LTE Button Webhook

Im trying to forward data from Soracom via their “Beam” service to Losant.
The options are:

In the HTTP option:

Other than the webhook itself, where does one find the port # and host name to connect ?

Hi @Stewart_McCallum !

Based on the Soracom Beams documentation:

  • “Host Name” should be the FQDN, which for a Losant webhook, would be
  • “Port Number” should be 443 since the request will be made over HTTPS
  • “Path” should be what follows the Host Name in your webhook, and start with /webhooks/[...]

Give this a try and let us know how it goes.

No luck.
It inserts the port number into the path
Would that be the cause ?

Try leaving the port number blank.

Also, just want to ensure you’re entering your specific webhook path in the Path field. It should look similar to:


For example.

The docs say port # is required ? I tried anyway with no success. Yes I am using that format. Pic attached

That’s strange indeed. As far as I can tell, you have the Destination filled in properly. Could it be something in the Entry Point configuration that needs to be changed? Are you getting an error message?

If you have a Debug Node in the associated workflow, you can pull up the Debug Output in one browser window while you attempt to trigger the webhook in the Soracom browser window. This will indicate if the webhook is actually getting hit. You can also pull up the Workflow Metrics tab to see previous executions of a workflow.

If none of the above troubleshooting steps point you in the right direction, I’m unfortunately at a loss on how to proceed. I would recommend reaching out to Soracom support for further assistance.

Debug Node was active since workflow created. Metrics shows 6 completed although no output appeared on debug node.

Just following up here; were you able to get this webhook configured properly in Soracom and get it to trigger workflows in Losant?

Dylan, yes I did with some direction from Soracom.
Device sends data in UDP format so should have been using the UDP → HTTP(S) entry point for Beam.

Configuration Name - Any name you choose

Protocol - HTTPS

Host Name -

Port Number - skip

Path - webhooks/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Glad to hear it; please let us know if have any more questions!