[Solved] Slow timeseries for large data sets - due to aggregation NONE on single data point




I think I am seeing a drop off in performance of late with large timeseries.

Also seem to be hitting too much data more often, for instance going from

6 hours 30 sec view (successful)
12 hours 1 min (unsuccessful too much data).
12 Hours at 5min is successful.
24 hours at 20min res ( unsuccessful too much data.)
24 hours at 60min res (unseccessful too much data)

That would seem to be the same amount of data, and was working in the past. Is there now a fixed upper limit cap on total data size being queried ?

Or I am actually hitting query duration limits.

The same data set now requested for 14 days at 12 hours interval never completes.

I was using these view consistently without issue before Xmas. (Been on leave and back now)





I found the problem. Somewhere a long the way one of the Data points in the view was changed to Aggregation of None. Which now seems obvious as to why I am having a problem.

I would delete this post, but can’t



Glad you got it figured out! If you ran into the issue, other people certainly will, so this post will be really helpful for anyone else seeing similar behavior.