[Solved] How can I access Application/Workflow name from within a workflow?



I am seeing how far I can make some workflows generic.
I can’t see any way at the moment to get the Workflow name or the application name from within a workflow.

These values could be used within Email templates for instance.

I can set these at the workflow level as globals, however being able to retrieve this values from the environment means less likely to make mistakes when importing workflows into new applications.




There might be a more direct way, but you can use the applicationId and flowId values from the payload to find the application and workflow names using an HTTP request node. The relevant REST API endpoints are Application and Workflow. The would add a little complexity to the workflow, but it would make it less brittle than using globals for the names. If you want more detail let me know.


Hi Travis

Yeah I figured using the REST API was the only way at the moment. It would seem a little expensive but at as you say far less brittle.




You no longer have to use the REST API to do this, in our most recent release we have added the fields applicationName and flowName on the workflow payload to make working with that information easier. Hope that helps!



Thanks for the ongoing improvements.