[Solved] Using a global value across workflows

Is there a way to set a global value that is available across workflows? That is, at the application level so that it will be available to all workflows within that application.

This is not currently available. We’ve been heavily discussing the concept of “Application Configuration”, which would solve this. We’ll likely be moving forward fairly soon with that. For now, in order to do cross-workflow communication we’d recommend using a Redis or Mongo database. There are free options from Redis Labs and MongoDB Atlas.

Thanks Brandon. It’s actually the Redis password that I want to save as an application level global so that I can change it in one place only when I change it on my Redis server. Since one cannot bind the Losant IP address to Redis, Redis security becomes a big concern (mine has already been hacked several times). Having a very long and complicated password seems to be to only way to secure Redis and thus storing it as a global for use across workflows would be very useful.

Ah, I see. Thanks for the use-case. That’s right in line with how we see people using Application Configuration, so it should work well for you.

A strange work-around could be to use a device and its tags to store some configuration information. When the workflow runs, you can use the Get Device node to get your “configuration device”. You can then access the tags to get whatever data you wanted. Then if you need to change the password, simply edit the device and change the tag within the Losant interface.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we released this feature last week - https://www.losant.com/blog/platform-update-20170718