[SOLVED] Events Page Filter

Would it be possible to add a filter function to the Events page? Similar to the filtering available on the Dashboard blocks, it would be beneficial to be able to filter down the events on that overall Events page.

This makes a lot of sense. I’ve submitted it as a feature request. Thanks for the suggestion!

A big plus one here.

We are contending with the fact that our devices move around a lot. We have been using projects however it means cloning./recreating devices as they change location/project. On the plus side only project related events can be shown inthe dashboard.

It would be easier to not keep removing/recreating the same device and leaving it in a single project, however things like events don’t have tags. or adiditonal properties.

Filtering by strings is a start however it means additional redundant information needs to be included in the heading, rather than being used to apply filters.

Just my 2c worth .



Also being able to apply a filter on any sort on the events page would be great for acknowledging specific collections of events, and bulk acknowledgements based on the filter.


An updated events UX with filtering is on our staging environment for testing. Plan is to push to production early next week.

Thats Awesome news :wink:


This feature was just released. More information is available here -

Sweet! Thanks Dylan. The Time Series Node will be a huge help for us as well!