Could tags be added to events to allow fine grain filtering - this implies an update to the open event indicator and event list dashboard widgets



I am finding that trying filter events just on subject means we start getting a lot of convoluted subject lines that don’t mean a lot for the viewer but are necessary for filtering.

Could we get the ability to add tags to an event on Event creation and then be able to filter the events by the tags as well as subect in the corresponding widgets and event workflow nodes.




We’ve got a major update planned for events that does add tags exactly for this purpose. We also intend on providing a first-class association between a device and an event. You’ll be able to filter on both. I can’t provide an exact release date, but it is one of our short-term roadmap goals.


Awesome. I have been adding device data into the extra data for the Events, but it can’t be used for dashboard filtering.

So this will be a really good addition.