Scope events to device context or tag


I would love to see the possibility to filter events only to the current device context, or to all devices with a certain tag.

I’m currently implementing some error reporting from my device, but as my dashboards are customer facing, I can’t use the built in event handler as it is not possible (or I haven’t discovered how…) to filter it to either only show the customers devices, or only show the current context device.

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We have a ticket in our system to more closely tie events and devices right now.

A workaround in the meantime would be to put the device ID that triggered the event in the event subject, and then you can use a device ID dashboard context variable to filter the event list block by the selected device (since the filter is applied to event names).



I would also like to see the ability to filter events by device context. This would be critical for multi-tenant architectures.