Event status based on device

A very common use for events is to indicate a problem with a given device or attribute, such as temperature too high, etc. I would like to be able to perform a device query that returns the current or worst severity event that is active. This information could then be used to help direct users to devices with problems. Having this type fo summary information is critical for any application that is going to be deployed at scale using the losant built-in Event system.

Hi @Edward_Cline,

This could be accomplished today through a workflow, but I will create a Feature Request for this with our engineering team. Where are you hoping to display or use the “highest severity” event information?


We would like users to be able to visualize this in both a map view (marker changes color with worst severity event on that device) and also in a device table.

This is most commonly solved using the Event List Block.

The list can be filtered by device ID and event level. It’s common to use a Device Context Variable as the filter, so if you’re looking at a specific device, you’ll see a list of Events for that device.

The list can also be filtered by Experience User, which allows you to view a list of Events for all devices associated to that user via the user’s Experience Group.

Here’s a screenshot showing how to use a Device Context Variable to filter Events by a specific device:

Here’s a screenshot showing how to use an Experience User Context Variable. This will list all events for all devices associated with the current user.

In the Column Configuration, you can add Device Name, to see which device is associated to each Event.

This results in a block that looks like this (my example only has a single event):

Looking to show a map with markers for all devices in an experience group as well as all devices in child groups. Then have map markers change color if that device has an active alert…is this possible with either losant or google maps?

Using event data to populate a map wouldn’t be easy with data that’s currently available.

Typically we find that a device will also have an attribute that indicates the presence of an alert. For example, temperature_alert = true | false.

Using this, you can change the color of pins based on the value of that attribute. This also gives you a way to visualize historical trends for alerts. Using the new Time and Value Aggregation, you can also calculate how long a device was in an alert condition, which is useful in a lot of cases.

we’ll try adding the attribute as you suggest, thank you…