[Solved] 400 "Version not allowed"


I have some workflows that have been running for sometime, I noticed tonight the payload on 2 seperate workflows wasn’t getting sent to the devices and I am getting this error message on the debug:

It seems to be stemming from the ‘losant-API’ panel in the workflow which is as follows:

When i click into the ‘resource and action’ tab it seems to be highlighting the ‘Application -GET’ function as follows:

I have selected ‘Devices: GET’ again and re saved the workflow but hasn’t seemed to work. Any ideas or something thats changed which is causing this issue? Cheers.



Thanks for bringing this to our attention! It looks like we had some issues with a deploy rollout that were not caught by our automated checks (going to be adding this to our automated checks in the future) - the issue should now be fixed and the node should be working properly in all cases again.