Smart Environments + IoT

Hello Losant Community!

This is Aidan, your Technical Evangelist, back again for another edition of Losant Discussions!

We are taking a bit of a detour this month, off of our usual dives into the IoT Knowledge stack, and are coming to you from the Realcomm IBcon conference!

In the spirit of continually learning more about how IoT can impact a variety of industries, I’m curious to hear from our Losant Community on applications around smart environments and smart buildings.

I had some thoughts of my own on how building managers are able to leverage both their existing building management systems alongside IoT to gain valuable insight into the performance of their buildings: Building Management Systems & IoT Technology.

At Losant, we even built out a handful of applications to create our very own smart office.

For today’s discussion, let’s dive into your smart environments:

  • What are those key components of your IoT smart environment ecosystem?
  • What hardware have you found success with and for what use case?
  • And what aspects of your environment are critical to monitor or are your biggest priorities?
  • Have you used Losant’s Huddle Room Monitor Application Template, our BACnet integration, or something else to help your development?

See you in the chat below,