Losant @ NodeConf London

Hey everyone!

I’m new to the Losant forums, but I’m excited to share some of the things I’ve been working on with the Losant platform! I was chatting with @Todd_Henderson about my upcoming talk at NodeConf London, and we thought folks on the forums might be interested in knowing about what it’s about! If you’re going to the conference, be sure to find me; I have Losant stickers!

I’ll be presenting on the topic of “IoT and Developer Happiness”, which is to say that I’ll be showing how I built a little physical alert lamp for the various platforms I typically interact with on a daily basis (Travis, Slack, Twitter, etc.). It will all be released as open-source at the conference, so it might be relevant to your interests if for nothing other than a starting point for a basic IoT project!

I’ll be sure to post a follow-up with related content in case anyone is interested in the project. I will also try to post before tickets are sold out in the future, but I believe the event will also be live streamed (and the talks are definitely recorded). http://london.nodeconf.com/#schedule

The circuit is really simple, and I’m using a Particle Photon board:

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