Losant Node.js SDK open-sourced and available on NPM


NPM: https://www.npmjs.com/package/losant-mqtt

GitHub: https://github.com/losant/losant-mqtt-js


@Brandon_Cannaday Are you accepting pull requests ?


Absolutely! Pull requests are 100% welcome.


Thanks. I would like to add a custom block for residential IoT blueprints, but I can’t find the actual dashboard interface on git hub. Maybe I’m asking the wrong person, but I think it would be a great visualization for connected devices in a smart home.


The dashboard code is not open-sourced. This SDK is meant to be run on a device to connect it to the platform. The dashboard does support an External Website block, which basically accepts a URL and puts it inside an iframe. You’ll have to host the visualization somewhere else, but it can be displayed.

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