Asset Discovery and Micro Segmentation

I’m working on a multi-protocol assert discovery and micro-segmentation solution (primarily for Smart-building/city) that I would like to integrate into Losant. I’d like to discuss with the Community if anyone is using anything for this purpose today, what requirements and protocols are important, experiences and usage ideas?

Hi @Stanley_Herring,

Could you provide a bit more information on your use case? I’m hoping we have some existing materials or resources that may be helpful, in addition to input from the community!

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Thanks for the response. I come from the cybersecurity side of products. My use case is to scan the infrastructures of hospitals, campuses and commercial buildings etc. for all identifiable IoT and other network assets, fingerprint them for device mfg and OS. Once the devices, sensors and other widgets are cataloged, we will then provide a suite of security services (SIEM, Remediation, Patch Management, performance monitoring etc) I’m interested in using Losant for automation and management processes, alerting. Part 2 of the project would be to use micro-segmentation to isolate each type of device to control lateral spread in a breach situation and use Losant to manage the processes in a multi-tenant scenario.