Does Losant edge agent has a capability for BAcnet auto discovery? Onboarding BMS equipment and mapping each instance ID is a tedious process. We'd like to have a quick approach for onboarding HVAC/BMS equipment using BACnet interface

Onboarding BMS equipment and manually entering instance ID for each IO parameter is a tedious process. Since there will be thousands of IO parameters to configure, there is a possibility of human error.

We’d like to have auto discovery (quick approach) capability with Edge Agent for onboarding HVAC/BMS equipment using BACnet interface. if there’s some alternative option, guidance may be provided. thanks


I think this would be a great addition. It looks like we already have an open feature request for this exact thing. I’ll add your +1 to this feature, and I will be sure to follow up with you as I learn more about it!

Thank you,

Thanks @Heath , Do you have any ETA for the auto-discovery feature ?

Also you might be aware that, there will be numerous IO parameters for each HVAC/BMS equipment. However, we would require to map identified IO parameters with our device recipe parameters before onboarding.

So in order to carry out IO mapping as per equipment recipe, is it possible to provide a drag and drop functionality in the same auto-discovery feature ? This is going to be a very great tool for onboarding equipment from HVAC sub-systems.