Sending sensor data to losant using SIM7670 module

Im trying to use 4g module Sim 7670 to communicate with losant but don’t know how to start. please help.

Hi @Abhinav_Kumar and welcome to the Losant forums!

Are you referring to the Simcom A7670? If so, I assume your goal is to send data via MQTT. I recommend reviewing our MQTT documentation, which explains how to connect a device to Losant’s MQTT broker. If you run into any specific problems or questions with getting your device to connect, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

If you’re interested in a general walkthrough of the platform and features, I recommend checking out our LosantU courses.

Once again, thanks for joining us, and let us know if you need anything!

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Thanks for your suggestions. I`ll be looking for your support if I encounter any further problems.