Sendgrid Dynamic To or CC - Input as List of Recipients

When I use the Sendgrid Node, I sometimes dont know the recipients until Runtime.
Those recipients I retrieve from a global JSON array.
I then loop through that array and send one email to each email address in the array.

Is there a way I can just plug the array into the Sendgrid Node’s To or CC field and it would add them as additional CC or TO recipients?

How can I programatically send one email to multiple TO or CC recipients?


In the image above, if I wanted TO to be…,,,,

Would I need to do string concatenation and plug it in with a single template variable that way?

Hey @Kyle_Stokes2,

I did some testing and was able to send emails to 3 addresses by putting an array of emails on the payload, and then using {{data.emails}} in the “To” field.

My email field looks like:

    "emails": [

And was sent via a Virtual Button.

Please let me know if this works for you.

Thank you,

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Yes, this is exactly what I needed. Thank you. Any chance to add to the documentation here: ?

It was not immediately apparent to me that I could pass it an array.