[Solved] Email Block - Multiple email recipients not working


Recently tried entering multiple email addresses in the email block (using the block’s “To Adress Templates”) and only the first email recipient seems to receive the email. I tried swapping email addresses, using different addresses, all the things.

I searched the docs for some type of throttling or account limitations, but couldn’t find anything. Any thoughts?

Thank you!



Looks like we have a mismatch between our frontend and our backend! Our backend is explicitly only allowing a single email on that free email node, while the frontend is allowing as many as you want. We have discussed internally, and we are going to “split the difference” - and allow the email node to send an email to up to 5 recipients. This change is a little involved, so we won’t be hotfixing it, but we should be able to include it in the next release (which is planned for later next week).

In the meantime, the more advanced Sendgrid node will work for as many recipients as you want - and Sendgrid has a small free plan you can sign up for.

Thanks for the bug report, and we will let you know when the fix is in production!



Ah, that clears that up! Many thanks.



Zachary, we just released a fix for this issue. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for the bug report!