Can send a CSV with Node SendGrid?

Hello Losant Team!
I have a CSV and i need send it a specific Email. I use node SendGrid in the last to send very basic Email with Losant but now i need to attach it
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @Jonathan_Calderon,

As you have discovered, the built-in SendGrid Node does not support sending attachments.

Behind the scenes, this node is a wrapper around the SendGrid API. To send attachments, and gain access to many more features provided by SendGrid, you’ll have to use the HTTP Node and interact with their API directly.

Specifically, you’ll use the Mail Send API.

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Thanks Brandon. I appreciate the documentation that you provided. :slight_smile:

An alternative approach is to use the File: Create Node to save the CSV to your Application Files. You can then email the auto-generated link to your user and they can download the file.

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