Retention period or quantity of Edge workflow versions


What is the retention period or quantity of versions retained for Edge Workflows ?

I have realized not as many versions are being retained as I had hoped ;-(

I think I should use the REST api to back up workflow versions as we go to git or something.

The background of the query, - trying to track down when a change was made in a workflow to identify when a change was made on site that had not been recorded/tracked by staff on site ;-(



Ok did a bit of digging. via REST api

It seems the are all still there (through the API) only the UI is showing all of them either due to a explicit restriction or possibly because the earlier versions where targeting a different Edge Agent version.


Yes, we do keep all of them. I don’t think that table in the Workflow versions tab has pagination, so I think it only shows the most recent 100 versions. We definitely do need to add pagination on that, thanks for bringing it to our attention!