Workflow metrics

When looking in Workflow metrics for a particular workflow, I sometimes see Errors “Document update conflict” and I don’t know what to do.

I have verified that the endpoint this workflow is monitoring is not used by any other workflow as was previously suggested.


That error typically occurs when trying to update multiple things (device, experience user, data table, etc.) within a Workflow. For example, if two workflow runs are trying to update the same device at the same time, it’s possible to get an error like that.

Could you send along with a screenshot of the error, the workflow, and the node that’s causing it?


The authentication token is set to expire in an hour, but my customer is checking if it’s more than 55 min ago before getting a new one.

And my customer is saying a “bad gateway” message and not a 401 endpoint reply


Do you have the Authenticate Node in any other workflow within your application?

Yes, in one more workflow.
Can I only have one Auth node within the whole application or experience?

As a further info. that other workflow is a different endpoint. (/login)


Can you provide a screenshot of your experience logs when making the requests through the different authentication nodes throughout the application?