Reset count stats

Hi there,
would be nice to have a button to reset the count stats for a specific version.

I totally get it, I can create a new version and then the stats will refresh but it would be handy to manually decide which version I want to reset.

Thanks for the suggestion. What is the use case for wanting to reset the stats?

Yes one most common case is when the input source from an external system has changed then I want to see how the algorithm performs in terms of error processing.

Also is there a way to setup email alerts when errors are above a threshold?

In the user interface, we only expose endpoint stats for the past 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days, but the API endpoint backing that exposes a period start and end (along with many other options), which would allow you to target a certain time range (for example, the timestamp at which you made the switch in your external system to the current time). Note that these stats are aggregated every 15 minutes, so it will be slightly fuzzy at the start of the time frame.

As for error tracking, you could use the Workflow Error Trigger to fire whenever an uncaught exception is hit, and send an email in that case.

You could also use a Timer Trigger and a Losant API Node (using the Experience Endpoints: Stats action) in an application workflow to fetch the response codes of your requests on a periodic basis and take some sort of action based on conditions you define.