Account level alerts


Is there a way to set some alerts on the number of payloads or payloads per hour/minute?
We had a fleet of devices reset to send a payload every second and quickly racked up thousands of unintentional payloads in a short period of time.
Can this be done with some kind of workflow?

If not, can I suggest account level alerts for this sort of thing? Might be nice to have alerts anyway for other things like billing, integration messages, etc etc to identify and correct.


It’s a good suggestion. I’ll type it up as a feature.

Thinking we send an alert if …

  • You come within 10% of your monthly payload limit
  • You exceed your monthly payload limit
  • Your payloads generated over a 72-hour period would be enough to put you over your monthly limit if continued on that pace


Yeah exactly… Maybe even customizable payload limit alert. User can set 10%, 15% whatever…