Querying Groups and Users top down?

Hi there,

Is it possible to fetch groups and users in a top-down manner? I see there is an includeAncerstors flag on the API but no top-down filter.

We are building a complete standalone User and organization management console which is also multi-tenant and multi-level. Can we pull in a group and all its child groups and also the same for the users?

Any direction or help will be much appreciated. Thanks

Hi @Suroor_Wijdan,

Could you describe your use case a bit further? I am pulling some resources for you now on how to accomplish this.


Hi @Suroor_Wijdan,

There is currently a feature request open for this functionality as it is not currently possible to get all of the users and subusers of a group. However, the following posts include similar questions or may assist as you build your multi-level user view:

Thanks so much!

Thanks for the information @JuliaKempf. I have implemented the basic filtration of users but it would be best to have that feature, just like we have for includeAncestorsGroup.

I will keep a check on when it gets released. Thanks