Generate list of experience users that has access to a device

Is there a way to generate a list of experience users at or above a certain device in a multi-level experience group hierarchy? When one of our devices generates an event we would like to inform all experience users that have access to that device (at or above it on the group hierarchy, not below it). If there is a better approach to building this sort of notification list please advise!

Thank You


Currently, I don’t think there is an easy way to do this right now. I’m chatting with the team now to see if there are some good workarounds! Stay Tuned.


So, after chatting with the engineering team, the only way to do this currently would be to:

  1. Get all Experience Users with Losant API Node.
  2. Loop through Experience User.
  3. Use the Device: Verify Node in the loop to determine device access.
  4. If verified, send an alert.

I did put in a ticket for this. I’ll be sure to let you know if an easier way comes about.

I’m happy to answer any future questions.

Thank You, that seems like a straightforward solution…

@Edward_Cline ,

There is an easier path. However, it depends on how you have your devices configured.

It’s common to associate devices with Experiences Groups with a tag, like so:

The benefit here is that all we need to do to add the device to the group is give it the proper group tag. While this makes it easy to associate devices to an Experience Group, it also allows you to query devices based on their group. For example:

Now, this doesn’t traverse the hierarchy. But, depending on your relationships between groups and users, this method ( a tag on the device ) may work.