Missing deviceIds when querying groups

I’m working on an application that has several experience groups levels.

I’m trying to build a tree-based JSON structure that will contain the entire experience group hierarchy along with the devices that are associated with each group.
I built a workflow that uses the “Group: Summary” node for getting the group hierarchy structure.
And now, I’m trying to get the devices associated with each group using the Losant API (Experience Groups: get) node which should get a list of all the groups within the application and the devices associated with them.
The problem is that the device list is empty on all of them. The devices are well tagged, and the groups are configured using the right tags (I know this is working fine since my experience view is filtering the devices by experience user perfectly).
Am I doing something wrong?

I’ve attached what the Losant API node response (groups.json).
I’m also attaching the devices payload so you can corroborate that tags are well assigned (devices.json).
And just in case I’m also attaching what the “Group: Summary” node returns (hierarchy.json).
payloads.zip (2.2 KB)

Thank you very much in advance!

FYI, this is the current Group/Device hierarchy:

Group: Main Company
----Group: Company A
--------Device: Tracker 0001
--------Device: Tracker 0002
--------Device: Tracker 0003
--------Group: Company A-1
----Group: Company B
--------Device: Tracker 0003
--------Device: Tracker 0004

I think I found the issue. The devices listed within the Losant API response are the ones that you associate directly to the group (and not by using tags).
So, for instance, if we want to show the device Tracker0000 in the payload list of Group “Company A” we need to add it in the Group configuration as below:

I’m marking this as solved.