Q: Best smart outlet with Losant?

Hi, I was wondering what is the best smart outlet to use with Losant? I have read that the WeMo API is unavailable to use. But I think I read there are some long workarounds.

I am trying to turn off or on the device using Losant. So what is the best smart outlet to use that Losant can control? Thanks.

Hi @Daniel_Naas,

Overall, if you find a smart plug that has a remote HTTP API, it will work with Losant by using the HTTP Node. But, I don’t know of any that do. I’ll have to do some research.

But, to answer your question, we are using the WeMo Plugs in the Losant Smart Office. I like them; they work well.

You have three options to get them connected:

  1. Write a small application using Losant device libraries that lives on a local Raspberry Pi that communicates with the WeMo local API. This is what we are doing in the smart office. This client works well: https://www.npmjs.com/package/wemo-client

  2. You can install the Losant Edge Compute Agent on a Raspberry Pi. This will allow you to push workflows to run on the Pi. These workflows can communicate with the cloud and back.

  3. You can connect the plugs to IFTTT. Then, use Losant to trigger an IFTTT Maker Endpoint