How to use the Losant to control temperature like a thermostat

Good evening my friends, how can I use the Losant to control temperature like a thermostat?

This is a great question.

My first question would be is the thermostat controllable? If so, does it have an API?

If you were using a thermostat with a REST HTTP API, you could use the Workflow Engine and HTTP Node to control it.

In order to control something, the device ( or computer that has access to that device ) must be able to receive HTTP message over the internet, or connected via MQTT.

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Yes, it is controllable. No API.

I would like to control by, how do I?

I want to control temperature in a ambient using a relay to turn on or turn off the refrigeration like a remote thermostat.

I’m using the DHT22 and an ESP8266.

I’ve created a block to control the temperature, but I don’t know do a REST HTTP API and use the workflow. You can help me?

Thank you, very much.

@Luiz_Carlos_de_Azeve, I think the best thing to do is to have you start here:

This walkthrough shows you how to use the HTTP Node.

Also, to help you know how things work with Losant, you should take a look at Losant University:

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Thanks @anaptfox. I’ll take a look at it.

@anaptfox Good evening, I still can not do what I want, I still do not have a good command of English so it’s difficult to understand what is taught at Losant University. The example you gave me of weather control does not apply much to what I want. I want to control the temperature of an environment by regulating through a slide bar a temperature x, so when the air conditioner reaches that temperature, it is turned off by the losant.

If you are using MQTT for your thermostat, a video of a control system with Losant is at