Platform Update: Application Export, Streaming Endpoints, New Device List Block

We are excited to serve up a new Platform Update, smothered with new functionality and updates! This release includes an assortment of features big and small, so make sure to check out the full blog announcement here.

Application Import and Export

In our previous update we released Application Cloning, which provided for today’s release of Application Import / Export. When exporting an application, nearly every resource that makes up an application is exported to disk. You can then save, modify, and share this export in any way you’d like. You can then import these files and create copies of an application, or use them for source control.

Streaming Endpoints

With the release of Streaming Endpoints, you now have a new SSE Stream reply type option in the Endpoint Reply Node. This option allows you to reply with a Server-Sent Event (SSE) response, which will keep the connection open indefinitely.

MQTT Topic Restrictions

Before this release, Losant only restricted access to device-specific topics (e.g. state and command) to make sure devices using different access keys could not see each other’s data. With today’s release, you now have much more control over which topics can be accessed with an access key.

New Device List Block

The new Device List Block allows you to add columns for device attributes and tags, and provides much more control over how the data is presented to the user. Nearly every column is templatable using both Handlebars and Markdown.


There’s more! Be sure to check out the Platform Update announcement to read all of the fresh updates from this release.

As always, we value your feedback and direction. With your input and ideas combined with our roadmap, we can continue to build the best platform for you.

Let us know what you think!