Pass URL query variables to Notebook

I have a Notebook which, although it can operate on all devices in parallel, would make more sense if it could be applied to a single device’s data.

My reasoning for this is that eventually, as our device fleet grows, running this notebook on all devices may become infeasible.

Would it be possible to add payload variables as Notebook inputs?

Hi @Alexander_Farley,

This is something we have thought about and is on the list of improvements for Notebooks.

Right now, the only way you can dynamically pass data into a Notebook is to include a Data Table Query in your inputs, make an update to a Data Table, and then execute a Notebook.

For now, I’ll open a ticket for this and be sure to follow up if there is any movement.

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Thank you! Maybe I can work with your data-table-query suggestion, I will investigate.

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