OPCUA trigger configuration clear using edge agent workflow

Is there a way to clear the OPCUA trigger configuration from the losant-edge-agent.toml file from the Losant workflow?

Yes; attached is a simple workflow that demonstrates this. The process is as follows (you will need to adjust this flow to fit your use case):

  1. Use an Agent Config: Get Node to fetch the current triggers configuration.
  2. Determine the index of which item in the triggers array is the one you want to remove.
  3. Set the value of the item at that index to null (this is important; you must do this instead of simply removing that trigger config from the array!)
  4. Use an Agent Config: Set Node to set the triggers property to the updated array (with the null item at the index of the trigger you want to remove).

remove-a-trigger-config-develop.flow (2.8 KB)

Bear in mind this will break any triggers deployed in any workflows that use the config you are removing.