Datatype not showing in workflow as per Kepware OPC server

Below is the message that is being passed to the losant workflow via the OPCUA trigger node. When receiving the int, float, and real values, the datatype shows only 'numbers in the losant workflow. I cannot make filters based on int, float, or real datatypes since datatype shows only number


What is the use case for splitting on the data type? All of the number-like OPC UA data types are treated as a number type when cast into a JSON payload and exposed in the payload of an edge workflow.

Are you trying to identify which value is changing based on this kind of meta information? If so, with the namespace and identifier in hand from the original payload, could you use an OPC UA: Browse Node to look up the information you need?

The use case is to write a data ingestion query to the database table based on the data type. the tables created to hold all tag names in one column and the other columns consists of different datatypes (int, float, string, Boolean)

No, I am not identifying any meta-information. I am trying to write an insert statement based on datatype that is being supplied from OPCUA

We will investigate if we have the data type from the underlying library and if we can expose it on the initial payload.

Ok. Thanks. last time, I have requested for the timestamp data along with OPCUA payload and this time, the datatype along with the OPCUA payload.

Thanks @Sasikumar_Rajendran! The timestamp field was added in the most recent release the GEA. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to update and try it out.

Yes, I am currently using it. please let me know once the datatype available

@Sasikumar_Rajendran we just published GEA version 1.44.0, which will now include the dataType of the OPC UA value that caused the workflow execution.