OPC UA Method with struct (ExtensionObject) input argument

Is it possible to call OPC UA methods from an Edge workflow that take structs (ExtensionObject) as input arguments? This is quite common when dealing with built in OPC UA servers on PLCs and other industrial equipment.

Hi @Rikki_Coles,

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OPC UA Extension Objects are currently not supported with the OPC UA Nodes.

We do a have a feature request for OPC UA Extension Objects and are investigating this functionality. I will be sure to follow up with you when this feature is added to a future release.

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Thanks @Heath.

What do you use for the OPC UA backend? If it’s nodejs, automatic extension object handling was recently added for node-opcua

Thanks for the info @Rikki_Coles! We will definitely take a look and keep you updated as we learn more!


Please do, as my organisation are considering purchasing Losant and this feature is essential for us.

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