Error in OPC Node

Getting below error while trying to connect with opcua server
EACCES: permission denied, mkdir ‘/.config/node-opcua-default-nodejs/PKI’

Can you please provide a screenshot of your OPC UA configuration?

Can you please also let me know what version of the GEA you are using? Thanks!

yes sure. Below OPC UA Configuration and using the Version:[Agent v1.43.0]

It appears as though the value of your HOME environment variable may have been changed to a location where the GEA does not have permission to write. By default, it is /home/losant and the GEA has permission to write to that location inside the container.

You can see the value of the HOME environment variable by running any edge workflow and checking the debug output. You can see the environment variables on the agentEnvironment payload field:

Can you please provide a screenshot of those values so we can confirm that is has been changed.

This is the config details.


It does indeed look like something is changing your HOME environment variable from the default /home/losant to just /. The underlying OPC UA library is attempting to generate certificate files and store them in a folder based on the HOME variable.

The easiest solution is to not set a HOME environment variable when running the container. If a HOME value must be specified by whatever container management software you’re using, then you’ll need to set it to /home/losant.

Yes It does work. Thanks