Notebook device input not going far enough back


I am running a notebook on Losant and I have device data as input. I have configured the following:

The problem I am running into is that although I specify the start time to be query time minus 300 days (so about 10 months), the data that is being inputted only starts at November 9 (about 6 months). Why is this, and how can I fix this? Ideally, I would get data all the way back from September until now.

Thank you.


It looks like our queries are limited to 180 days. I’m going to put in a ticket to open this up to the full retention of the account.

However, for now, a good workaround would be to make two queries:

Query 1: Now - 150 days
Query 2: 150 - 300 days

Are there any updates to the ticket that was put in?