Question regarding attribute retention data on devices

Good morning. I am contacting you with a question regarding the data retention of a device attribute. I have read a lot of information about data retention limits in Losant and there is a doubt that is not clear to me yet.

Let’s say I am going to have a device whose GPS coordinates will always be fixed. To set these coordinates I enter them manually only once on Losant. My question is: should I set these coordinates as an attribute, through a Device: State Block?

As I understand, Losant deletes the history every 30 days, so I fear that after 30 days, this data that I have entered only once will be deleted, and the coordinates of my device will be deleted. If my assumption is correct, should I set a timer that re-establishes these coordinates every 29 days, for example?

Another solution is to set these coordinates as a device tag, but I wanted to know if by setting a data as an attribute, it will disappear after 30 days if I don’t set it again with a Device: State block.

I hope my doubt is clear, best regards.

If you manually report the location on a device attribute, it will eventually be removed based on your data retention limit.

For fixed device locations, I would recommend using a Device Tag.

The GPS History does support displaying device location from a tag.

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Hello Brandon, thank you for your quick response.

It’s all clear to me now, best regards